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Quran Support Classes for Schools

The Support classes are designed to help reinforce the learning taught at school and help the students apply the skills that they have learned in class. The support classes assist the student in having a firm grasp of the skill that he/she are learning at their school, Masjid or Islamic center. A lot of the time students struggle in grasping the new skills that they have learned due to the lack of time that they have when learning in class or due to the number of students that are in class. The one on one support classes that we offer include Quran reading for beginners, Quran memorization, Quran recitation and many more. We will have communication between our online teachers and the school teachers, so that the online teachers can teach the same lesson taught at school and help reinforce it.
These classes are only for the schools who use our Quran curriculum.

Two 25 min sessions per week (10 weeks)

Classes around the clock

Students choose the time

One-To-One live sessions

Male & Female tutors

One Term (10 weeks)

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