About Alkawthar College

Purpose and objective

Al-Kawthar College for Quranic studies was established in Sydney, Australia in 2020. The purpose and objective of Al-Kawthar College is to provide all things Quranic Knowledge such as Tafsir, understanding, meaning, and applying the message of the Quran in our life.

Al-Kawthar College will also function as a school for students interested in Tajweed, recitation memorisation, and understanding of the Quran. It will also offer courses and textbook resources to train and equip students and teachers of Quran in all aspects of Quranic knowledge through online and face-to-face based lessons under Hafiz and Shiekh Mohammad Dehnavi.

About the Shiekh

Shiekh Mohammad Dehnavi commenced his Hawza studies at the age of 18, by joining the seminary in Qum. He completed the 10th level of Hawza in 2019 and commenced his Bahthul Khaarij studies (highest level of Islamic education) via online correspondence from Sydney, Australia where he is based. Shiekh Mohammad Dehnavi is also a Master Ustaz and Hafiz of the Quran with extensive experience in teaching the Quran internationally in various countries. He completed the memorisation of the entire Holy Quran in the city of Isfahan in 2002 at the age of 11. Shiekh Mohammad Dehnavi has given many lectures and lessons in the field of Quranic, Arabic and Islamic teaching. He has written numerous books in the field of Quranic sciences which include:

  • ‘The Topical Memorisation’: written in Arabic, this book is a guide to memorising the Holy Quran based on topics found in the Quran. Published in 2015, Qum

  • ‘Popular Everyday Sayings rooted in the Holy Quran’: written in Farsi, published in 2009, Qum.

  • ‘Quran Reading and Understanding’: written in English, this is a collection of books which covers different aspects of the Holy Quran such as reading, proficiency, Tajweed, comprehension and memorisation for the English-speaking students.

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